Toro Precision Nozzles

The Toro Precision Nozzle does everything the MP Rotator does and then some. This nozzle has excellent Distribution Uniformity and a low precipitation rate. These two attributes allow it to conserve large amounts of water and keep your grass green and healthy. Although the Precipitation Rate is odd (at 1" per hour) it does allow for shorter run times which can be extremely helpful on large properties where runtimes go long and zones can't overlap. The traditional nozzle setup allows for shorter installation time than the MP Rotators which need to be adjusted individually. 

WeatherTrak Controllers

Do you have a commercial property and are looking for a controller to help your bottom line? Look no further than this controller. WeatherTrak controllers are proven on commercial properties large and small across the country. More importantly, they are proven right here in Colorado. These controllers not only provide water savings, but provide tools to manage the assets on your site, and to manage your water budget. The charts and data provided with these controllers allows you to make informed decision concerning you water. This controller is our preferred commercial controller.​​

Hunter Pros06 Heads w/ MP Rotator Nozzles

There are many head and nozzle combinations on the market. What makes the Pros06 head and shoulders above the competition is the attention to detail. These heads are made from a thicker more rugged plastic which holds up in our colorado environment. The 6" version of this head allows you to mow your lawn higher which leads to large amounts of water being conserved. Couple this excellent head with it MP Rotator nozzle and now you have a head that can really help the environment. MP Rotators have a precipitation rate of about .4" per hour. That rate is only about 1/3 to 1/4 of a traditional nozzles. The longer run time can be viewed as detriment, but where water conservation is concerned it is an advantage. With an extremely high Distribution Uniformity, the longer runtime allows for finer tuned adjustments and more uniformly green turf. This is our preferred residential and commercial head and nozzle.

We can design and install a quality state-of-the-art irrigation system for you.

Our systems are designed and built with the following high quality, water saving products.

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Rainbird XF Techline and Accessories

Rainbird is not the originator of the built-in emitter drip line, but with their latest improvements on the product they are the master of this product. XF drip line is great for xeriscape, planting beds, and especially vegetable gardens. Rainbird has added a popup microspray which is sturdy and provides extra water where you need it. With this new technology you can lay water where you need it, and not where you don't. This is our preferred drip irrigation for both commercial and residential properties.  


Hunter Solar Sync

Evapotranspiration calculations are used to determine exactly how much water a plant needs throughout the growing season. This ingenious device exploits the fact that here in Colorado, most of the value in the ET equation comes from Solar Radiation. The solar sync uses only the change in solar radiation to determine plant water need in your yard, and automatically adjusts your system throughout the season. Although there are many limitations to the device it works well and is a great tool to help homeowners and businesses cut down on their water usage. The inexpensive price-tag makes it affordable, and a good first step in water conservation. 

Hunter Rain Freeze Clik

These nifty devices are inexpensive and work with most controllers on the market. The wireless Clik makes for a fast installation making them even less expensive. The devices shuts off your system at the two times when your system doesn't need to water - 1. when it is already raining, and 2. when it is too cold. This device is recommended for all controllers and is a great first step in conserving water.

Rachio Controllers

​Rachio may be new to the irrigation industry, but they have taken the irrigation industry by storm.This robust controller leads all other residential controllers in its simplicity of hardware and setup. Do not be fooled by its simple appearance, because on the backside it has an app and programming that is unparalleled among its competitors. The IRO does an excellent job taking ET data and turning  it into real water conservation that you will see on your water bills. This controller is our preferred residential irrigation controller.