Water Conservation Tips

I think I was the first ten views to this video, but HBLanarc has a simple and fantastic lead into the discussion of smart controllers. Homeowners can and should adjust their traditional controllers throughout the season, but the problem for most is the lack of time or knowledge to set their controller correctly. The price of smart controllers have come down significantly over the past few years. The new smart controllers make adjustments for you throughout the season according to the weather. IMPORTANT REMINDER: smart controllers require an irrigation system that is up to par. Many times repairs are needed to ensure that you do not have major brown spots in your yard

One great fallacy in lawn care is that you have to have a brown grass and dead landscaping to conserve water.

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At Conserve Irrigation, our mission is simple: to provide you with beautiful plants and landscaping and save water for the future.

Understanding how and when to water your landscape can save large amounts of water, in addition to using less fertilizer and having fewer pests on your property.

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